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Kaleunt - Kenya - De Klaagzang van de Verloren Gewesten - Kuifje (Tintin)

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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Kaleunt Kaleunt 3 The flag wasn't there. Comic Error

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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
2 Encounters Ontmoetingen 12 "een" should be "en" Comic Error

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De Klaagzang van de Verloren Gewesten
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Sioban Sioban 18 The three steps are now four steps. Comic Error
2 Blackmore Blackmore 7 The seven steps are now eight steps. Comic Error
3 Lady Gerfaut Vrouwe Gerfaut 52 Even the changed angle cannot explain that there was no window behind the bench at first. Comic Error
5 Moriganen Moriganen 31 Eryk's rings are gone. Comic Error
46 Lady Diane's rings are gone. Comic Error

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Kuifje (Tintin)
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Nr. Title As I read it Page Error Picture
1 Tintin in the Congo Kuifje in Afrika 3 The knife in the glass cupboard, on the second shelf becomes a pair of scissors. Comic Error
5-8 Bobby (Snowy) jumps out of the window with his tail in a band-aid, and that disappears as soon as he hits the water. It only returns when Bobby is on the ship again. (credits-1) Click to view
11 Even at that time ú1000 is a lot less than $5000, so I wonder why he even bothered to offer it. (credits-1) Click to view
13 Kuifje drops his gun, and that becomes invisible until he needs it again. Click to view
34 There are no Boas in Africa, they live in South-America.  (credits-1) Click to view
44-45 The padre throws a rock with a rope across the river. Then how did he get the second rope there? Click to view
2 Tintin in America Kuifje in Amerika 3 A boomerang is supposed to return, true, but that doesn't happen after it hit something.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
6 It seems as if Pietro's beginning beard is temporarily shaven.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
11 The GSC-member pretending to be a policeman lost his star.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
17 The pitchfork next to the door wasn't there only a frame ago.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
17 His fashionable bullet-belt is gone. But it will return, don't worry. Comic Blunder
19 The Indian's belt has changed colour.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
21 Snowy hides in a cactus, and the painful evidence is all over him: he even has thorns in his nose.  Who took them out?  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
24 The ridge is, judging by Tintin's feet, about 2-4 feet wide.  But it widens on every frame.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
26 Kuifje takes the food of Bobby Smiles. Both him and Snowy enjoy it. Then where did the giant bone come from? There was only the small pot, and it could never have been in there. Click to view
32 Slim and his friend swap places, and promptly loose their box with dynamite!  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
35 Where are all his things while he is sleeping? Click to view
35 The policeman has one purple glove.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
36 The cowboy gets a new hat.  (credits-1) Comic Blunder
35-37 They have taken his gun-holders, but on p.37 he gets them back, empty of course, while he is being lynched. Click to view
50 There is a shield and a second armor standing there. But only once, then they are gone forever. Click to view
52 What happened to the chair?  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
53-54 Tom's breast-pocket handkerchief seems to come and go all the time.  (credits-13) Comic Blunder
3 Cigars of the Pharaoh De Sigaren van de Farao 7-8 The mummy next to the one from E.P. Jacobin (E.P. Jacobs, the original author of Blake and Mortimer) has lost its beard. (credits-1) Click to view
15 This hasn't happened yet... Then how can he have the album?(credits-1) Click to view
16-17 Bobbie chases the bandit, but doesn't leave Kuifje, but has managed to tear a piece of cloth from the bandit's clothes..? (credits-1) Click to view
23 Kuifje drops the flask, drops to the ground hiding behind a rock, and only when the flask is hit he has the strap under his elbow. (credits-1) Click to view
30 Kuifje is in uniform in the house, but he leaves it in his own clothes - only seconds later, after he has been hiding. One must admit: he's fast! (credits-1) Click to view
32-33 The front window of the plane has a different shape. Click to view
33 During the crash, and only then, the plane has an extra window. Click to view
4 The Blue Lotus De Blauwe Lotus 7 The beige gloves are now green. Click to view
17 Kuifje's tie is red in the whole story, except on p. 17. (credits-1) Click to view
24 The door has 11, then 12, then 10 rows of dots as decoration. Click to view
36-44 The map behind Dawson changes. Look at the park in the lower left for example. (credits-1) Click to view
42-44 Due to a flood the train cannot go any further. A walk takes 3 hours, but Tsjang knows a shortcut. That makes them arrive... the next day? (credits-1) Click to view
47 The left and right feet of the lion-statues are swapped. (credits-1) Click to view
19-54 The sign next to the front door of the Blue Lotus has a different text. (credits-1) Click to view
57 Rastapopoulos looses his ring on his right hand. (credits-1) Click to view
5 The Broken Ear Het Gebroken Oor 1 Kuifje gets up at 7:30, when apparently the museum's keeper begins his day. However, on p. 2 we learn the theft was discovered at 7:14. (credits-1) Click to view
4-9 Some items disappear. OK, a cup is maybe for cleaning, but there is also a lamp, a triangle, and was it maybe the parrot that removed the bust? (credits-1) Click to view
19 Tyrant is tirano, in Spanish. With an "i", not a "y", as it is written on the wall. (credits-1) Click to view
23-28 Two different chess-boards? To play it correctly, the left bottom square should be black. (credits-1) Click to view
27 The accent is gone. Don't worry, it will return. Maybe just the result of the lightning ;-) (credits-1) Click to view
32 Bananas grow up, not down.  Common mistake... (credits-1) Click to view
6 The black island De zwarte rotsen 6 While totally unexpectedly being swept into the air, one of them manages to turn his cane upside down. (credits-1) Click to view
13-23 The house is burnt down, but nevertheless someone took the time to paint the column of the gate. (credits-1) Click to view
21 Captain Harry bumps into his wife and his helmet hits her right cheek - but she holds her left cheek in pain. (credits-1) Click to view
52-53 Wronzoff, though KO, seems to move his feet. (credits-1) Click to view
7 King Ottokar's Sceptre De scepter van Ottokar 3 The picture is taken when Kuifje is at the top of the stairs. But on the picture he's half-way? (credits-1) Click to view
3 The door opened to the other side at first. Click to view
6 Next to Kuifje there is a chair. And then not. And then again. (credits-1) Click to view
7 According to the encyclopedia SyldaviŰ was conquered by the Bordurians in the XIth century, but the brochure on p. teaches us it was in 1195, or the XIIth century. (credits-1) Click to view
13 At first he didn't hold his cane in his right hand. Click to view
12-15 Cleaning up after an explosion, sure, but adding furniture? (credits-1) Click to view
30-41 Odd things happen to the fresco. On p. 30 we see 5 people, and on p. 41 there are 6 pairs of feet... (credits-1) Click to view
8 The crab with the golden claws De krab met de gulden scharen 2 The word "Krab" is on the tin, and not. Click to view
2 The Janssens each have a glass of beer of which clearly some has been drunk, then one fills all by itself, and then the other. (credits-1) Click to view
4 No more hat-rack... Click to view
8 A phone on which you can dial only 9 digits? Click to view
39-41 The fruit-seller has the blue door behind him when Haddock runs him over. Then how can he sit there before the door? (credits-1) Click to view
9 The Shooting Star De geheimzinnige ster 1-2 The phone seems to be standing on the table, that explains the variable length of Kuifje. One could see it as a different framing, like in a movie. But in any way it doesn't explain how Bobby's head is at that height. Click to view
3 The doorbell disappears, and a vertical line on the door is missing. (credits-1) Click to view
4 This is optically impossible, due to the extremely long focal distance of a telescope. Anything on the lens, or even within several meters, is not visible. (credits-4) Click to view
7 The problem of the melting asphalt is solved quickly, and even both Kuifje's shoes and Bobby's feet are cleaned immediately. Click to view
11-12 So, the "fireball" missed the Earth by 45,000 km, yet it caused an earthquake by falling onto it? Click to view
21 Captain Haddock is demoted - and promoted again - very quickly. Look at his cuffs. (credits-1) Click to view
The flag is supposed to be green, from the EFWO. But on five occasions a flag resembling the Belgian flag pops up. (credits-1 - and I added the others) Click to view
10 The Secret of the Unicorn Het geheim van de Eenhoorn 2 They could have never picked up a suitcase that way. Click to view
6-14 Haddock's door opens to the left. Or to the right. (credits-1) Click to view
7-58 Sacharin's door was yellow, and with a handle. But on p. 58 it's blue, without the handle. (credits-1) Click to view
8 The phone-booth is, from a driver's perspective, at the left side on the street (look at the door). But while Kuifje is waiting, the booth is at the right side of the street. (credits-1) Click to view
16 "Duizend bommem" should be " duizend bommen". Click to view
18-19 Certain aspects of the Unicorn change quite dramatically. Look at the position of the lamps during the fight on p.19: they seem to indicate that the fight is on the rear end of the ship. But between any mast and the lanterns there should be a few stairs... (credits-1) Click to view
23 "Krrakvis" should be "kraakvis" Click to view
31-56 The license-plate on the front of the car is missing. (credits-1) Click to view
38-40 The beam seems rather heavy. Let's estimate that it is 0.25x0.25x2.5m. Let's presume it is oak, and has a specific gravity of 0,8 kg/l. That would make it about 120 kg. How can Kuifje lift that off the ground? He would be pulling himself up in the air... (credits-1) Click to view
41-44 The spear is gone. (credits-1) Click to view
42 No, this is not a glove, someone forgot to color the hand. (credits-1) Click to view
43 The abacus has 4x5=20 red balls. There are however 25 red ones on the picture. Click to view
52 Nestor is really fast: in the blink of an eye he shifts the position of his hands. No wonder he didn't manage to hit hard enough. (credits-1) Click to view
53-54 Bobby (Milou) made a real quick wash. (credits-1) Click to view
54-55 G. Vogels is lying at least half on the lawn, wearing blue trousers. On the next page, he's almost entirely on the path, wearing brown trousers. And it cannot be Maximus, he has escaped. (credits-1) Click to view
58-59 Aristide Rapier's door opens to the right. Or to the left. (credits-1) Click to view
59-60 The room where Rapier keeps his collection has no door. And then it has one. (credits-1) Click to view
11 Red Rackham's Adventure De schat van Scharlaken Rackham 3-4 What happened to the man who was already in the appartment? (credits-1) Click to view
4 The bell has disappeared. (credits-1) Click to view
5 Kuifje's hand is yellow. And not because he's wearing a glove. Click to view
12 While the match is burning in his right hand, Haddock manages to put the matches away and take his pipe in his left hand. (credits-1) Click to view
23 Kuifje recognises the mistake they made - but replaces it with another one: the meridian of Paris was used only in the XIXth century, two centuries after Hadoque lived. (credits-1) Click to view
40 The chain holding the lead on Kuifje's back is gone. Click to view
51 Kuifje's sleeves are no longer rolled up, but just for once. (credits-1) Click to view
52 What happened to all the earth they dug out? (credits-1) Click to view
61 The island they visited is on 70║ West. Right on a degree of longitude. Why would a globe be divided per 70║ and not per 60? Per 70 would never bring you to 180║, there would be a "slice" of 40║ somewhere, which would not be too aesthetical.
Then there is a degree of latitude through Spain, at about 40║. Again, why 40 and not 45, to end up nicely at 90 (the poles)? And if the island is at 20║ North, it should be halfway the equator and that degree. (credits-1)
Click to view
12 The 7 crystal balls De 7 kristallen bollen 3 First there are 9 steps, then 8 on the stairs. Click to view
10 An extra knife, above the Indian's head. Before Alcazar/Ramon Zarate has thrown it. (credits-1) Click to view
12 Yamilah has a tanned skin-color, but not on her legs. (credits-1) Click to view
13 Look at how the color of the picture at the upper left corner of the mirror disappears. Click to view
22 The postman has black shoes, then brown ones. (credits-1) Click to view
23 The birds, though they are stuffed specimen, seem to wander around in their cupboard. (credits-1) Click to view
25 The decorations on the pillar differ. Click to view
28 The big tree next to the house is gone. (credits-1) Click to view
29 The diagonals on the shutters are opposite. Click to view
30-31 There is something odd with the chairs. Though they are clearly matching, the decorations differ (look at the legs), and some have armrests and some not, and one has even only one armrest. Click to view
37 The rope, and later Kuifje, seem to clean themselves remarkably easy from the soot. (credits-1) Click to view
39 The physician suddenly wears a waistcoat underneath his jacket. (credits-1) Click to view
41 The captain has lost his eyeglass. (credits-1) Click to view
48 The phone can only dial 9 digits. Click to view
54 On a rainbow violet is on the "inside", and red on the "outside". (credits-1) Click to view
13 Prisoners of the sun De zonnetempel 1 The map of Peru is not correct, Peru lacks a northern part, and caused HergÚ some problems. Read Discover Tintin for more details. (credits-1) Click to view
3 Callao lies at the sea, far from mountains... (credits-1) Click to view
9 The phone can dial first 10, then 9 digits. Click to view
15 The laws of physics don't allow this. If you jump off of a moving object, you keep on moving forward while falling down. So Kuifje should have jumped before he was on the bridge, or he should have landed beyond the river. (credits-1) Click to view
58-59 During an eclipse on the northern hemisphere the moon would pass in front of the sun in this direction. But this eclipse is on the southern hemisphere. (credits-1) - image source: Discover Tintin Click to view
15 Destination moon Raket naar de maan 1-2 On p. 1 the post is standing next to the first step of the stairs, on p.2 it's standing in front of it. Click to view
2-3 The tail of the plane has a red line at the back, later in front as well. And the yellow on the engines is gone. Click to view
27 The rocket has 5 "layers" of red and white squares, except here, where there are 6. Click to view
50-51 Bobbie is at the meeting, where Zonnebloem says that Bobbie is taking part right now in the testing of his space-suit. (credits-1) Click to view
55-56 Seen from behind, Haddock is sitting at the left. But seen from inside the car Haddock is on the right. (credits-1) Click to view
16 Explorers on the moon Mannen op de maan 2 Haddock has always had nr. 56 on his chest-pocket. (credits-1) Click to view
3 The badge in Janssen's chest-pocket should be red. Click to view
4 There is, throughout the entire book, not a single cloud in the sky on the entire Earth. (credits-1) Click to view
7 Kuifje has always had nr. 57 on his chest-pocket. Haddock has 56. (credits-1) Click to view
9 The coloring of the rocket is not correct. Look at the position of the red squares relative to the stabilizer. This happens throughout the book. (credits-1) Click to view
11 Why is there a ladder above the door? (credits-1) Click to view
12 Kuifje is wearing his boots, yet in one frame he has his traditional white socks. (credits-1) Click to view
14 Kuifje has given the scissors to Haddock. But he still holds them. (credits-1) Click to view
16 Badge problems for Zonnebloem (Calculus): first there is no number on it, then there is no badge. (credits-1) Click to view
17 This movement is correct, except for one detail: if the side-engine is stopped, the rocket would keep on rotating forever, unless an equally strong side-engine would function for an equally long time. (credits-1) Click to view
19 Since his escapade in space Haddock hadn't been wearing his uniform, except here. (credits-1) Click to view
33 The pickaxe on the side of the vehicle is gone. (credits-1) Click to view
45 Kuifje stopped the engines at 2:05. The others came in immediately and started questioning Wolff. Yet the clock says it's 10:00 while they are talking, only minutes later... (credits-1) Click to view
17 The Calculus affair De zaak Zonnebloem 13 When did this happen? Liberation Dimanche indicates Sunday, but the Hamburger Tages? is from "dienstag" (=Tuesday). Click to view
15 The text on the side of the package of cigarettes is in Cyrillic and means "ZIGARETTES". One mistake though, in Cyrillic there is no "N", it should be mirrored. (credits-2) Click to view
20 The taxi-driver wears a grey jacket before he drives into the lake, and comes out of it with a brows jacket. (credits-1) Click to view
25 "Last thursday" claims Kuifje (Tintin). But the newspapers that brought this story two days after it happened are either from Sunday (Liberation Dimanche) or Tuesday (see error on p. 13) (credits-1) Click to view
26 Captain Haddock caught the bottle, but who caught the falling glasses? (credits-1) Click to view
28 They were both wearng earrings in both ears - but one is lost already. (credits-1) Click to view
30 They were running on a pier. But in the next frame they are still on the grass. (credits-1) Click to view
31-32 Bobby (Snowy/Milou) is playing tricks with the handle of the umbrella: up, down, up, .... (credits-1) Click to view
32 The bandage Haddock had on his finger since the explosion disappears. (credits-1) Click to view
47 How exactly is Zsn˘rr/Szn˘rr spelled? Click to view
49 Himmerszeck has no napkin around his neck. Which is odd, since he did just before and immediately after this. (credits-1) Click to view
53-54 Castafiore has two rings on her right hand. Or three. Or two, but on other fingers. Or.. (credits-1) Click to view
54 The accent on the "O" is gone on the green playbill behind the colonel Click to view
60 The professor seems to be talking to himself about himself. I guess Haddock really says this. (credits-1) Click to view
18 The Red Sea sharks Cokes in voorraad 6 Haddock wasn't smoking his pipe, so Abdullah couldn't have shot it out of his mouth. (credits-1) Click to view
14 The road had nice borders at first... (credits-1) Click to view
16 There were only four people sitting between Haddock and the back of the plane, but when he stumbles a fifth is there. Click to view
52 His right foot was tangled in the wire, but after he fell it's at his left foot. (credits-1) Click to view
56 The deice was blocked on "half speed". But a second later it's on "full speed". (credits-1) Click to view
20 The Castafiore Emerald De juwelen van Bianca Castafiore 1-20 The setting is in May, but then Zonnebloem manages something extraordinary, since roses come into bloom during the month of June. (credits-1) Click to view
24 Biological error: wasps don't leave their sting behind, so Castafiore couldn't have removed it either. (credits-1) Click to view
41-44 The stairs seems to have a variable number of steps. Knowing that the broken one is the fourth, on p. 41 there are 14 steps, on p. 44 there are 16. (credits-1) Click to view
21 Flight 714 Vlucht 714 10 What happened to Haddock's jacket? Click to view
10 The orange pillow seems to be going from one side of the bench to another. (credits-1) Click to view
20 Rastapopoulos' ring is gone. Click to view
22 Tintin's collar was a mess after the struggle on p.19, and now all of a sudden it straightened out. While everybody's hands were tied, including Tintin's. (credits-1) Click to view
48 Allan's bracelet used to be on his right wrist, he had a watch on his left. (credits-1) Click to view
22 Tintin and the Picaros Kuifje en de Picaro's 6 The story plays in February, maybe it started in the end of January.  A month with 30 days is therefore in the future. (credits-1) Click to view
12 This is the only time colonel Alvarez has 4 stars on his collar, otherwise there are only 3. Click to view
23 Tintin and the Alph'art Kuifje en de Alfa-kunst 62 "geschilder" should be "geschilderd" Click to view

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