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Jackson - Jeremiah - Jerome K. Jerome Bloks - Jerry Spring - Jessica Blandy - Jim Cutlass - Jo - Jo, Suus en Jokko - Jonathan

(by Hermann)
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The US have fallen apart after an internal conflict, apparently something to do with clashes between races.  It's not clear what really happened, it has been a while ago, and people are trying to survive.  Some by farming, some by taking what they need.  Jeremiah is a young guy, as good as alone in this tough environment.  He meets Kurdy, who has about his age, but is his opposite in just about everything.  Together they roam around, looking for work and a place to stay.

Nr. Cover Title Story
1 Cover Jeremiah De nacht van de roofvogels
(The night of the birds of prey)
Jeremiah stays out all night, after he has chased a donkey.  And that is his luck, because in his absence the village he lives in is raided, and nobody alive was left behind.  This leaves Jeremiah no choice but to stay with Kurdy, the owner of the donkey.  Unfortunately Jeremiah is a little naive, and that is a bad quality in the times they live in...
2 Cover Jeremiah De woestijnpiraten
(The desert pirates)
A shortcut through the desert, that took twice as long as anticipated, brings Jeremiah and Kurdy to a strange scene: a militia-man kept prisoner by two other men escapes and gets shot, yet is unharmed.  He explains how he was on a money-transport that has been robbed, and how his captain and he have hidden the money, but they found him.  The militia-man also claims that there is a farm-house nearby, where the captain of the team is held prison.  Kurdy decides to try something...
3 Cover Jeremiah De gewetenloze erfgenamen
(The unscrupulous heirs)
In an endless search for work, Jeremiah is sent to the east.  But it felt as if this tip was not really a favor, but a mean joke.  Well, there is a company, and they are hiring.  There is however an atmosphere of intrigues and slavery.  And of an revolt of the workers, waiting for a trigger.  Without knowing it, both Jeremiah and Kurdy are in a different "camp".  When they find out how things are, Kurdy just wants to get out of there, but Jeremiah has other plans...
4 Cover Jeremiah Ogen van gloeiend ijzer
(Eyes of glowing iron)
While they are looking for any information about Jeremiah's relatives, the ones that were not killed in Bends Hatch, they encounter a man that may have seen someone that escaped from the Indians where he was kept as a slave.  While they try to help the man get his wagon out of a hole in the road, a strange creature comes and lifts out the wagon all alone.  And disappears again...  Later they do find the escaped man, murdered.  So Kurdy and Jeremiah decide to go to the border area, hoping to find a trail or so...
5 Cover Jeremiah Het eindeloos experiment
(The never ending experiment)
Stonebridge, and old, well, "acquaintance" of Kurdy, comes by to offer a job.  $600 In advance.  Jeremiah isn't there at the time, so Kurdy agrees to follow Stonebridge on his own.  They ride to what seems to be a clinic, and Kurdy gets a super-de-luxe room.  He still doesn't know what his work will be - and maybe that is for the best...
6 Cover Jeremiah De sekte
(The sect)
Jeremiah and Kurdy assist in the protection of a wagon used by a rich family to travel.  They are noticed in a city they pass through, and some less nice people think they have an easy prey.  The first strike causes one badly wounded person, but unexpected help made the less nice people have a less nice afternoon.  The wounded man needs urgent medical assistance however, and the two man that showed up to help point them to their nearby village.  They decide to follow that advice - but that was a bad idea...
7 Cover Jeremiah Afromerika More and more people are passing by where Jeremiah, Kurdy and Agatha live, all running because of new violence between black and white.  One person passing by however is running for something else.  He's black and in chains, and now wounded.  During the night Jeremiah and Kurdy get a visit from the ones chasing the black guy, and they are not really friendly.  This is the trigger for them too to leave for the city.  But that brings them through land occupied by the black people, and they are very nervous right now...
8 Cover Jeremiah Het woedende water
(The furious water)
Jeremiah proposes a job to Kurdy, but he claims he has found something better.  The local rich guy's daughter is going to be kidnapped, and Kurdy will save her and get a big reward.  No time to explain, someone is already on his way now, so Jeremiah stops the intruder, and Kurdy rescues the girl.  But when both disappear it dawns to Jeremiah that the real threat was Kurdy...
9 Cover Jeremiah De winter van een clown
(The winter of a clown)
Lena and Jeremiah are traveling through a very cold winterland.  When warming their hands and having a hot tea, a very thin-clothed man approaches them - and dies of the cold.  When they move on, they and up in a harbor, where they are welcomed on a boat on which a man lives among some very weird people.  They got on the boat, in a warm cabin, but will they every manage to get out again...?

Very creepy story...

10 Cover Jeremiah Boomerang Kurdy is the only survivor of a group that attempted to free someone from prison.  Things went very wrong, and apparently some dirty game was played, and now even Kurdy's life is in danger.  Meanwhile Jeremiah and Lena are in the same village, and have plans for a marriage.  But then Jeremiah hears about Kurdy's trouble...
11 Cover Jeremiah Delta Jay Howell has kept some money belonging to Kurdy for some time now.  When he wants to go and pick it up Jay seems te be mentally quite empty, and totally incapable of telling them where it is.  Broke, Kurdy and Jeremiah accept a job getting some oil in an old power plant.  A job not without dangers, as one after one people die...
12 Cover Jeremiah Julius & Romea They found a job.  Keeping things clean in a very sheltered town, contact with the inhabitants is not even allowed.  The system looks great for the people living there, with democratic leaders, everything is clean and well organized - yet there are some cracks in the system...
13 Cover Jeremiah Strike Finally they found a way to get easy money.  They play bowling for money, and it goes well for them.  So well that they are challenged by a professional, for a lót of money.  They beat him, but it dawns to Jeremiah that a game is being played over their heads.  A game in which a sect-leader is playing his part...
14 Cover Jeremiah Simon is terug
(Simon is back)
While grilling a fish and counting their last money, Jeremiah and Kurdy are surprised by a man running by and taking Esra.  He doesn't get far though, he seems wounded, and someone just shoots him down.  Though they have nothing to do with anything, they receive some good beating, and Esra is painted so that she needs a vet.  Over there an old acquaintance contacts them, and explains them the full picture - and sort of forces them to join him in doing something about it...
15 Cover Jeremiah Alex It's an odd family.  A father and his daughter are living together with a number of chimpanzees...  The daughter is out, picking up her mother and brother who have returned after many years, when one of the chimpanzees is alarmed by something.  Meanwhile the mother and her son were in trouble when Jeremiah and Kurdy come to the rescue.  They are hired as protection.  When this whole team, daughter, mother, son, Jeremiah and Kurdy, arrive at the house they find a very badly wounded chimpanzee, an unconscious father, and trouble...
16 Cover Jeremiah De rode lijn
(The red line)
Jeremiah and Kurdy accompany a man on a boat trip.  During this trip Kurdy falls head over heels for the girl of one of the "Lords", one of the two groups that control the little town they go to (the others are the "Trash").  Some heavy guys from the Lords give both Kurdy and the girl a good beating - but that has the opposite effect on Kurdy...
17 Cover Jeremiah Drie motorfietsen... of vier
(Three motorbikes... or four)
While Kurdy is doing what he's best at, Jeremiah helps Martha and Woody building an extension to their house.  Meanwhile three or four bikers are scouring the city, looking for a man.  Not after long Kurdy has to hide, and he helps the wanted man, Stonebridge, to hide as well, in a very unusual place...
18 Cover Jeremiah Ave Caesar At first they want to bring the body of the member of the militia that fell on Kurdy's head while he was showering under a waterfall to the city.  But then they decided to hide the body, and of course just then the militia came by, and threw them into jail.  Nearby is New Rome, and their tank shoots the city regularly, and this gives Jeremiah and Kurdy the chance to escape.  But they have only one option: to go to New Rome.  And that may not be a better choice.
19 Cover Jeremiah Het grensgebied
(The border area)
A group of men is transporting "something" that will make them rich, they think.  After them Jeremiah and Kurdy are following their tracks just to find the town.  They pass by a terribly stinking place where obviously some explosion or another accident happened.  The place seems to send out some kind of radiation...
20 Cover Jeremiah Huurlingen
Jeremiah and Kurdy stumble onto a man selling bibles, with car-trouble.  They fix his car, and in his company they are allowed in into a mining-town.  Jeremiah is looking for work, but there doesn't seem to be much.  Then he stumbles onto Romea, who invites them home for dinner.  She says Julius is "away", but soon they learn that he's hiding, and it has something to do with that mine...
21 Cover Jeremiah Neef Lindford
(Cousin Lindford)
Jeremiah and Kurdy travel on motorbikes now.  But their financial situation is still the same, so they have to stay in a ruin for the time being.  This way they witness the burial of an odd creature, something that seems to have escaped from some lab.  Involuntarily they become involved in the search for the last remaining creature, because one of the searchers is an old acquaintance...
22 Cover Jeremiah Een geweer in het water
(A gun in the water)
Jason was trapped in a deep hole for two days.  Luckily Jeremiah and Kurdy happened to pass by, and they help him out and assist him to his home.  An odd home, an odd combination of people.  They sense something is going on, and one half of the family wants them to stay while the other half wants them out...
23 Cover Jeremiah Wie is Blue Fox?
(Who is Blue Fox?)
Jeremiah and Kurdy have had a job escorting some transportation.  They book a cheap room, and Jeremiah goes looking for a job.  In vain.  Just as he is a about to return to the hotel, he gets a note from "Candy", who wants to meet him in a bar that evening.  For a job, "because she likes him".  After that meeting, Jeremiah and Kurdy find out what they have really been escorting - and they are disgusted...
24 Cover Jeremiah De laatste diamant
(The last diamond)
A gang robs an old lady in her home, and takes 4 diamonds from her.  She dies during the hold-up.  The sheriff discovers a chain that tells him his brother was involved.  One night Jeremiah brings the drunk sheriff home, and meets his wife.  She asks Jeremiah for protection...
25 Cover Jeremiah Mocht de wereld op 'n dag...
(If the world would one day...)
Just when they are out of fuel, in the middle of nowhere, a stranger approaches Jeremiah and Kurdy and proposes them to give them fuel in exchange for some assistance with the security of the group he's travelling with.  The boys agree, and together they travel through a spooky landscape.  Then Agatha, a woman of the group that has always stayed in their car, escapes, and says some words to Jeremiah in private.  The relationship between the two teams changes from then on...
26 Cover Jeremiah Een haven in de schaduw
(A haven in the shade)
They pick a girl out of the water that was very busy drowning, and decide to bring her home.  They can't do the last bit on their bikes so they let her walk that, but after a night in the rain they discover she has been standing there, afraid to go home, so they bring her the last bit too.  A strange village it is, filled with religion and fear, and with teenagers that have plans in which Jer and Kurdy's guns fit very well...

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